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Wisdom traditions around the world and the contemporary holistic community understand that healing of the human spirit facilitates healing of mind and body.

Whether described as shamanic in nature, psychic, spiritual, energetic or holistic, these fundamental practices have for most of human history and pre-history been the touchstone of healing.  Such traditions teach us that the subtle body or core energy field – the essential life essence that we are which has been given so many names – defines and holds the spirit, tone, and pattern for the fabric of our physical form.

Traditional healing is directed toward re-aligning, clearing and balancing the subtle body and its core energies, with particular attention to restoring integrated flow and vitality to areas that are damaged or weak.

Personal healing and core-energy coaching sessions

Some energy healing is best done over a month with weekly review – focussed sessions are available by appointment in person, by Skype, and by telephone.


“I immediately felt a difference – it was like a weight was removed from my body.  Since then, my energy levels have increased significantly – I get up early, work long hours, and still have energy to spare.  My husband is thrilled he got the “old” me back.  I can’t thank Dr. MacManaway enough.” – RG, Ridgefield, CT

“Hello. I wanted to let you know how things are going here. I had a great day on Thursday. Was quite sore until the afternoon on Friday, when gradually a lot of the tension in my body melted away and I was filled with this wonderful sense of wellbeing and strong steady energy. It is still with me. I have not had the horrible sense of impending crashing from exhaustion at all. That is something that had plagued me a lot. I felt as though I could fall asleep on my feet at any moment. When I went to bed I would be asleep within 2 minutes of lying down-literally. Now it takes 10 to15 minutes to fall asleep. I’m not wired either. And I haven’t been to bed before midnight for a week now. Could not have done that last week. Was definitely running on E. So I really don’t think I can attribute this to a thank god it’s Friday kind of a deal. I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me remember what it is like to feel really good. It will only get better from here.” – Dr. H. M. DVM

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