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The Healing of Sick Buildings and Sad Places

“Different places on the face of the earth have different vital effluence, different vibration, different chemical exhalation, different polarity with different stars: call it what you like, but the spirit of place is a great reality.” – D.H. Lawrence

Ancient wisdom and personal experiences teach us that our relationship with place, especially those places where we spend the most extended periods of time, fundamentally defines our mood, our patterns of thought, and our habits of activity. Landscape, and the buildings and structures within it, has an inherent spirit and personality – the individual and unique essence of that place.

Sometimes the spirit of place may become damaged and the atmospheric qualities either stagnant or stressed. This can lead to health or comfort problems for people living and working there. Such buildings become known as “sick buildings”.

The World Health Organization states that 30% of all buildings are “sick buildings”, in which 20% or more of the occupants are experiencing health or comfort problems arising from the site. A building may become sick due to poor air or light quality, by electromagnetic field stress, or by issues that are less apparent and more energetic in nature.

These include disturbances or unbalanced energy flow in the landscape – generally referred to as “geopathic stress”.  The residual memories or echoes of previous events may also be disturbing, especially those from battlefields and profound individual traumas. Sometimes the psychic environment can be disordered, with ghosts or other disturbed or displaced spirits present.

When our homes are sick or sad, we don’t sleep well, live well, or love well. We find it difficult to achieve the refreshment or healing that we would normally expect at home. Health, sleep, mood, energy level, communication, and fertility can all be affected by a sick or sad home.

When our businesses are in sick buildings, creativity, productivity, and communication problems are typical, along with high rates of sickness, leave of absence, and staff turnover.

Traditional healing work with places is much like working with people, only on a larger scale. Geomancy or Geobiology are the terms traditionally used for working with the subtle qualities, moods. and energy flows within landscapes large and small.

Some sites need a practitioner visit for remediation, whereas other sites can be effectively cleared and balanced using long-distance techniques, and working with maps and photographs.

geopathic stress remediation with flower essences for sick buildings

Flower essences help with residual energies…

When places are healthy, the people and projects within them can flourish and thrive.

Successful clients include:

  • Individual and family homes
  • Schools and colleges
  • Medical facilities and holistic therapy centers
  • Property development and management companies
  • Financial services companies
  • Restaurants
  • Farms and stables
  • Corporate offices
  • Retail businesses

Benefits include:

  • Improved health, sleep, and recreation at home
  • Enhanced working environment
  • Improved focus and clarity in decision-making and strategic planning
  • Improved teamwork, communication, and management effectiveness
  • Improved performance, creativity, and productivity
  • Reduced leave of absence amongst staff and team members
  • Greater ease and success in project completion
  • Increased client satisfaction


“The benefits of geomancy & earth acupuncture on both my home and my veterinary clinic were both life changing and healing. I wish I could require all my clients to have their homes evaluated to benefit their health and the health and well being of their animals. There were two rooms in the center of our large farm house in which I never felt quite comfortable. Dr. MacManaway found a deep and unusually wide underground stream running the width of both. The effect of earth acupuncture was profound, with both an immediate and progressively calming effect. Descriptions of your work that come to mind are: intelligent, sensitive, thorough, professional, unquestionable expertise…remarkable changes on all levels in terms of interpersonal relations & sense of peace in the home.” – Anne Rylestone, DVM, PhD, Canterbury Tails Veterinary Clinic, Inc.


“Our household was not sleeping well. We had nightmares and woke often in the night. Patrick arrived in our home with a deep sense of humility and awareness. He spent time in each room, getting a sense of the room’s function and level of order. He then surveyed the yard and neighborhood, gathering observations of the form, the plants and trees and putting it all into context around our issues with sleep. He then began to treat the land using rods of copper and steel. We were invited to participate in the process by feeling the metal rods and describing what we felt. All of us, children included, felt something very specific. When we returned some time later, the metal rods felt completely different, as if a process had concluded. Patrick was joyful and sincere in helping us change the energetics of our house. We now sleep deeply and peacefully through the night.” – Lisabeth Sewell McCann, Shelburne, Vermont

“Ever since the geomancy and earth acupuncture on our home site, my husband has been in much better humor.” – Anonymous

“When I had severe energy problems at my home with both GS and intrusive energies, Patrick MacManaway was the only person I could eventually find who was able to deal with the problems. Many others had tried and failed. Things moved in my home, such as a cemented-in marble fireplace moved about 3″ to the right, plants snapped during the night, milk bottles fell on their own, we had temperature fluctuations in the house, etc. The energies in my home had left me exhausted, very confused, forgetful and I had started to develop a physical illness. I am extremely grateful for Patrick, and genuinely do not know where I would be today without his help. It took a bit of supportive action after the initial clearance for it all to settle, but my mind cleared instantly. Patrick has since worked on my new home as well as on my personal energies, always to excellent results. His abilities far exceed the abilities of many other GS healers and I can highly recommend him to everyone regardless of the type of problem they have, either at their home or workplace.” – Minna, UK

“I have known Patrick for years. He’s come to my home and two businesses I’ve managed. At the first business he released some stuck souls from the property and completely changed the business performance. At the second he lifted some bad energy and within a day, with the release of this energy we received a huge order and began a surge in sales that has yet to slow. At my home, he redirected some energy flows. We’d had weird electrical issues like light bulbs going out frequently, blown fuses, etc. and following his work we have had no issues. He’s also helped us to better understand the needs of our forest neighbors as we make plans to sell our property. He’s sensitive to the energy of each place, and those who inhabit it.”

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