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The spirit of a project, enterprise or business may be healthy and vital, or may sometimes become damaged or weakened, with effects that ripple out through lack of focus and clarity, miscommunications, delay, worry and expense – all the way to the bottom line.

Bringing healing attention to the underlying spirit or essence of an enterprise can bring great benefit to businesses, non-profit organizations, athletic teams and collaborative projects of almost any nature.

Business enterprises and projects that are failing to thrive have shown dramatic results in their progress following our work.

Our approach is tailored to the specific needs or concerns of each client project. Contact Patrick if you’d like to discuss your project or enterprise.


“The unit site overlooking the water that you removed a curse from has a story…prior to your visit, the council had imposed an additional condition out of the blue which they had taken a hard position on. This required a re-drawing of plans and re-submitting, also would necessitate re-calling tenders, which had been awarded, a possible delay of twelve months and a cost of $500,000 dollars maybe.  Two days after you removed the curse, the council accepted the original plans that they had approved, and said that will be fine as it is carry on.”

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