Tele Classes

Dear Friends –

This series of classes contain my core material, generally taught over a three day workshop, recorded live during our lock down time to keep sharing this knowledge alive and moving…

Live classes originally shared weekly,

best articulation of Patrick’s understandings and work


Weekly topics:

April 29/30

#1 Spirit into Matter – Vibration into Form

Understanding the underlying principles that create our experience of self and environment.

#2 May 6/7

Dragons, Elementals and Nature Spirits

Connecting to and creatively interacting with the intelligences of our ecosystem and environment.

#3 May 13/14

Angelic Connections and Spirit Guides

Companion and guiding helpers, angels, archangels and the human collective consciousness.

#4 May 20/21

Tools and techniques for interaction with vibrational intelligences – refining our telepathy, dreaming, meditation, dowsing, muscle testing and more – finding our own best way to hold a loving and co-operative communication with the realms of spirit around us.

Bring a pendulum and a pot plant with you to the class…

#5 May 27/28

Power Centers and Sacred Spaces

Spirit of Place, Pattern and Resonance

Exploring the nature of the Spirit of Place, the natural power centers in our landscape small and large, and the cultivation and use of our relationship with those places.

#6 June 3/4

All About Labyrinths

magical and mystical – ancient and contemporary – a journey into and through the pathways to source.

#7 June 10/11

Geomancy at Home

tools techniques and habits to keep our home-scape energetically clean clear bright and sacred.

#8 June 17/18

Keys to Grace

brushing our aura and polishing our halo…

Tools and reflections on keeping our personal spirit bright and our soul fulfilled.

#9 June 24/25

Circular Consciousness –

exploring the waves and cycles of time in our lives and how to understand and move with them.

#10 July 1/2

Things that go “bump” in the night –

ghosts, entities and residual energies around us – how to clear and maintain our psychic environment.

#11 July 8/9

Boundaries, portals, pathways and etheric structure –

awareness and definition of the etheric patterns defining our spaces.

Joining Tele Class Instructions

  • Your email receipt has the links to instructions for joining the tele class on zoom.

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