Patrick Greetings and 2024 workshop calendar

Friends Galore !

Greetings of this bright New Year to all around the world…

Writing today with news of my teaching and workshops in the UK, US and Australia this year for those who may want to take up those opportunities,

Three day level 1 and 2 workshops and a two day graduate circle are scheduled March 4th – 13th in Bingara, New South Wales,

Two day weekend introduction to land whispering scheduled in Essex, Vermont May 2nd & 3rd,

And a three day level 1 workshop in the southwest of England October 1st, 2nd & 3rd,

Further level 1 and also level 2 and graduate circles will become available in the UK in 2025.

Also now available now for download is a six part programme with interspersed interviews and reviews entitled “The Sacred Art of Geomancy” recorded in November 2023 and hosted by Davyd Farrell and Bella Alvaran of Quantum Planet World.

All details and links for further information and enrollment are now available on the calendar page of my website – link below –

Also a panel presentation entitled “The Common Wild Tongue” recorded at the recent Oxford Real Farming Conference eearlier this month should be available for free viewing on youtube by early February – search at ORFC 2024 in a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile wishing all blessings to all – remember to keep in touch with the dragons elementals nature spirits and angels in the lands where you live…




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