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Dear Friends –

Greetings to you all in this time of staying at home-ness, and the deep inner awareness and re-orientation that we are experiencing…

Sharing thoughts and below on keeping home and family energies clear and strong during the many different circumstances and experiences arising, through communications with the spirit of place and home, and using blessing networks with our family and friends – a longish read so enjoy over a cup of tea – and also dates for an upcoming short series of tele-classes that I am offering over the next four weeks.

More time at home…

The energies and atmosphere of our home space is always a key ingredient in our physical, emotional and mental health, and now with fewer compensations and distractions available, many are feeling more deeply than ever into the energies surrounding them, and having time and awareness to pick up on the subtle but ever present resonances and influences of the spirit of place.

When those resonances are wholesome, clear, balanced and actively supportive, we feel peaceful, clear and comfortable in our home environment.

If the atmospheric resonances are discordant, with residual and unresolved thoughts and feelings still echoing, or with ghosts or curses or portals or pathways of psychic connection open and active but no longer contemporary and appropriate…

Things are less comfortable and our mood, energy and sleep is compromised by a stressful underlying background tone.

I have lost track of the number of happily sleeping children after ghosts or other astral entities have been removed from their bedrooms and home environments – plants that have started to thrive, dogs and cats that have settled fully in to the space –

Families and businesses that have properly thrived once their environment is fully and properly supportive.

Most of this work, because it is addressing a primarily energetic layer of the environment, can be successfully achieved working long distance with maps and photographs and discussion and review through phone Skype and e-mail –

For anyone currently needing support, long distance review or space clearing etc, and all of my regular services of consulting, teaching and mentoring remain active and available even while travel and site visits are currently limited.

Sharing simple notes below for all to use meanwhile as a baseline for active and current energetic hygiene and maintenance, keeping our home energies nicely bright and energetically clear while circumstances increase the intensity of our home experiences, good bad or indifferent…

Connections and communications
– connecting and identifying with the spirit of place of our home in all of it’s many levels and layers of intelligence.

The places where we live have catalogued aeons of geological as well as prehistoric and historical time –

People and circumstances and what a place is being asked to support changes constantly – sometimes gently and slowly, sometimes suddenly and dramatically.

For the spirit of place to be able to support the current crop of people, plants, animals, businesses etc – it needs mostly to be communicated clearly with, so that it can meet us in our minds and co-operatively support our needs as it can.

The elemental and nature spirit intelligences are mostly to be found in the alpha and theta levels of our own awareness, where we find ourselves in simple, repetitive and peaceful physical activity, light meditation, gardening, or dreaming / daydreaming.

For the elementals, the beta frequencies of our analytic thinking mind are hard to read and interpret, and so unless we engage our intuitive and dreaming body with a place, the intelligence of place may not full recognize us, our intentions or purpose, and therefore be unable to fully support us as nature would accord…

Finding a place and a way in our imaginal mind to meet, greet and share with the spirit of place allows us to create connection, intimacy and support for all of our human thoughts, feelings and activities.

Healing of any hurts
– sadnesses and badnesses witnessed by and hosted within a place can leave long shadows of resonance – ghosts need to be helped to get truly back home – curses and portals and pathways left open like windows from times events and circumstances past need to be released and closed and the space energetically renewed and refreshed.

Whether the patterns of stress are old and historic or recent and current, giving deep loving awareness and conscious attention to healing any parts of the energetic environment that are in need of our help in renewal –for these deeper and older traumas or place memories as may be found, we can also request the help of the angelic and nature spirit realms to bring all to peace and harmony there for us.

Adding extra love and optimizing the energies around you
– limited only by our imagination here – unique and personal to us all –

My mother had a daily practice of visualizing three golden rings of light around our family home and healing centre, and then filling that space with ultimate infinite love in her mind with angelic help, last thing before going to sleep each night seemed easiest and most efficient…

In some way or another we want to regularly affirm and cultivate the most harmonious and particularly beneficial energies in our home space around us.

A repeated affirmation of loving request for particular qualities of energy to be amplified and cultivated, brings our spaces more an more into perfect attunement with our habitation and use.

Good to keep all energies balanced, supportive and cycling and refreshing nicely around us – try the simple practices above and let me know if any help needed – as above all my work support and help remains easily available.

Blessing each other and ourselves… 

A great remembering to all of us also in time of stress or transition, is the unlimited power and helpfulness of sending each other daily blessings, in small or large groups, helping to keep spirits strong, healthy and clear.

Good to do with groups of family and friends, consciously blessing each other daily by sending unconditional love for a few moments – six or more seems to create a good collective energy field in a group, many larger ones also

Even just a short but powerful and loving remembering and connection sending of positive energy with each person in the network or group on a daily basis raises and strengthens all members core energies exponentially.

If extra help needed or no local group available, do sign up for my daily blessings service at

Tele-classes upcoming –

I am offering a short series of tele-classes while public teaching is limited and life is electronic and for those with time and interest ––

These will run over the next four weeks as 90 minute interactive webinars on themed core topics – live on same topic twice weekly to cover the spread of time zones and keep interactive for all –
Tele-classes will be live Wednesdays at 7pm US Eastern / 9am Australian Eastern, and Thursdays at 2pm US / 7pm UK.

You can register for any or all at
Classes @ $10 per topic – registration gives access to both tele-classes on each topic

Webinar topics:

1         April 29 / 30
Spirit into matter – vibration into form – understanding the underlying principles that create our experience of self and environment.

2         May 6 / 7
Dragons, elementals and nature spirits – connecting to and creatively interacting with the intelligences of our ecosystem and environment.

3         May 13 / 14
Angelic connections and spirit guides – companion and guiding helpers, angels, archangels and the human collective consciousness.

4         May 20 / 21
Tools and techniques for interaction with vibrational intelligences – refining our telepathy, dreaming, meditation, dowsing, muscle testing and more – finding our own best way to hold a loving and co-operative communication with the realms of spirit around us.

Do be in touch meanwhile if any help needed for yourselves or your spaces at this time, and if needing resourced and refreshed personally, the “Keys to Grace” and “Cultivating the Light Body” insights and meditations are always available at

Keeping personal core and environmental energies strong and clear, and the relationship between them loving, supportive and harmonious,

Very best wishes and all blessings



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