Equinox Breathing…

Greetings dear friends !

Posting today at the cusp of the equinox, to share an inspiration of deepening and extending our connection to landscape through a very simple breathing practice, which is proving to be a favorite of particular simplicity, ease and effectiveness for students and clients hither and yon –

Inviting you all to try and experiment…

Here it is.

Begin by observing your breath and breathing, and waiting for calm and inner connection to arise –

Then become aware that your in-breath is the outbreath of the plants around you, and that your out-breath is the in-breath for all that is green in the landscape surrounding,

And enjoy…

Nice then to extend the awareness of the in-breath, out-breath exchange with the surrounding environment of all air, moisture, warmth, coolth, atmosphere, weather and climate –

Expanding the awareness of inner-climate in exchange with outer-climate as a medium for intimate connection and peaceful loving exchange.

And enjoy more…

We can also, as ever and always, carry prayers on our breath in that exchange.

Do let me know how you go if you choose to experiment – all good feedback so far…

Also my apologies to those of you have been having difficulty accessing the Daily Blessing sign-up pages on the patrickmacmanaway.com website –

After weeks of tracking down plug-in upgrades and compatibilities it seems to be back to full and proper function now at www.patrickmacmanaway.com/blessing/ – very many thanks to David at the IT desk for his heroic patience and persistence, and do please let us know if there seems to be any further problems with sign up or management.

Hoping you all have a happy equinox and a peaceful, joyous and thriving season ahead,

Best wishes and blessings



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