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Health for home and family

Dear Friends – Greetings to you all in this time of staying at home-ness, and the deep inner awareness and re-orientation that we are experiencing… Sharing thoughts and below on keeping home and family energies clear and strong during the many different circumstances and experiences arising, through communications with the spirit of place and home, […]

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Equinox Breathing…

Greetings dear friends ! Posting today at the cusp of the equinox, to share an inspiration of deepening and extending our connection to landscape through a very simple breathing practice, which is proving to be a favorite of particular simplicity, ease and effectiveness for students and clients hither and yon – Inviting you all to […]

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As Within, So Without…

“We are what we eat” – a well-worn phrase, but a true one. Our physical constitution depends absolutely on the provision from external sources of all of the various nutrients – be they water, protein, fat, carbohydrate, mineral or vitamin – that our body requires both for short-term metabolism and for long-term growth, repair, and adaptation. […]

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A Wee Introduction to Geopathic Stress

What Is Geopathic Stress? Geopathic stress is a natural phenomenon that affects certain places and can be damaging to our health.  It relates to irregularities in the earth’s magnetic field, which can be disturbed by streams of underground water, geological fractures, quarries, mine workings and other features. Depending on its source, geopathic stress may be […]

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Subtle Energy & Lilies

Dear Friends, Greetings of this Harvest Tide…it does indeed seem to be a year of insight and new opportunity for creativity! I wanted to share a report from this season, although still unfolding, from a small farm client in northern Vermont. They are working this year to grow rare varieties of lilies as well as experimenting […]

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Subtle Energy on the Farm

More results from a client grower using subtle energy techniques in his growing operation As for the greenhouse, interesting to note the “roots and shoots” effect of the south and north sides of the germination chamber. As the former is female chi and the latter is male, I have segregated the root crops and above ground […]

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